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Better Information for Speculators


Share knowledge and track stocks in real-time among CEOs and market pros.


Due diligence on-the-go? Search CEO.CA for insights on companies and commodities, filtered by date and relevance.


Get information before the market. CEO.CA sends email or push notifications when there’s activity in a room you’re subscribed to.

#SEDI Research Dashboard

SEDI, Canada’s insider reporting system, automatically sends a message to Canadian stock channels on CEO.CA when an insider trade is reported.

#SEDAR Research Dashboard

Get AI-driven access to millions of corporate SEDAR filings, financials and press releases with full-text searchability and built-in filters.

Level 2 PRO

Real-time interactive Level 2 quotes provide unparalleled market access, giving you a leading edge into a company’s stock order book.

Join the Conversation

Chat with thousands of other investors and traders on company channels, industry pages, private groups and direct messages.

Unlimited chat #rooms

Content on CEO.CA is organized in unlimited public and private rooms. To access them visit or click on a hashtagged word (like #room-name).

Stock $rooms

Global stocks have dedicated rooms at or $SYMBOL. Stock rooms contain charts, chats, news, SEDI/SEDAR filings, financials, short reports and much more.

Private .rooms

Create an encrypted private room through your navigation bar and decide who has access to group conversations. Explore thousands of rooms managed by expert traders and speculators.



CEO.CA remembers your recently visited rooms, and shows you how many new chats have been posted since your last visit.


'Trending' shows the most active rooms at a glance.


Make CEO.CA your own and track your top stocks through the customizable ticker. Build your watchlists from thousands of global stocks.



Your personal information and private chats are safe and secure and will never be accessed by CEO.CA unless required by law


Need help or have an idea for us? Describe it in a chat and hashtag #feedback. All community development is driven by our valued users.

Get CEO.CA for Android and iOS

CEO.CA is always in sync across your devices and works great on desktop, tablet, and mobile. The Android and Apple apps enable even faster notifications.